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Classroom Program

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The foundation course provided by us helps the students develop a conceptual understanding of the subject. Our methodology of teaching meets the needs of students at all levels, from beginner to advanced. The foundation course gives them a boost over others, as it creates a base for 11th and 12th. Along with excelling in boards, the modules provided by us helps our students gain the practice required to crack exams like NSTSE, JBNSTS and Olympiads.



At NSS, no separate NEET and MAINS division exists for physics and chemistry. The concepts taught to our medical aspirants is of the IIT JEE standard. Their practice of Advanced questions ensure that they are easily able to solve questions of NEET level. This system provides an advantage to our students in physics and chemistry department, which generally remains a weakness of NEET aspirants. The NEET students are also made to focus and prioritize MAINS and ADVANCED exam. Scoring well in them boosts their confidence and they go to give NEET with the assurance of having a great backup.



​Good selection of questions plays an important role in giving students an edge over their peers. At NSS we focus on improving the question selection and accuracy of our students. This ensures that they secure maximum marks with least negatives in minimum time. To deal with the lengthiness of math section, our students are made to gain complete mastery over chemistry. This allows them to save time from chemistry and devote it to math. Practice of multi conceptual applicative questions through our modules enable our students to excel in ADVANCED exam.



NSS has been producing outstanding results in Board exams. During the course of teaching, firstly the board level of concepts are taught, following which the faculties go deeper into the concept. The modules include Boards level questions as well, to provide them with sufficient practice. Proper guidance on how to structure answers and present them to get a perfect score is given. The test series makes sure that they have practice of answering questions in a style suited for boards.


​• Handwritten notes of the teachers creates transparency and allows the parents to know what is being taught and till what point the syllabus has been completed. Providing typed materials makes the parents unable to comprehend what is the ongoing topic as all the material has already been provided. This creates chances of duplicity. •The typed notes are the perception of the teacher. The student can gain thorough authority over the concept only by really grasping the essence of the class and writing notes from their own perspective. Upon receiving typed materials, the students don’t make their own notes and the topic doesn’t get engraved in their minds. • More often than not, the typed notes are only a synopsis of the chapter. The detailed concept is not explained. This might lead to confusion while revising it later on. On the other hand, the notes provided by us are elaborate and easily understandable. The notes made by the student on its basis is sure to be understood even when referred to at a later time. In essence, once the notes are written by the student, he/she can visualize the entire chapter and can recollect.

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