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Our Vision and Mission

​In today’s world of rat race, we envision to create a stress-free and distraction-less environment where students can experience the real joy of learning. We have been providing our students with the best conceptual base, allowing them to understand the advanced topics easily. Not only do we build the competence of our pupils and make them academically strong, but we also inculcate in them values that they carry throughout their life. The pure connection between a student and a teacher can create magic and bring the best out of them. The mission of NSS is to revive that long lost connection. With proper nurturing, we can make any student go beyond their level. When you get love, you spread love. The complete personality development of a student ensures that they are ready to face and conquer all challenges. The success achieved through education should not bring arrogance but rather humility and a sense of responsibility at personal, professional and social level.




About the Founder & Director

Mr. N. Nikhil has been teaching for the past 22 years. A teacher of exceptional caliber, his life is centered around teaching and interacting with students. He has guided many students to great heights of success and most importantly, has provided the country with leaders bearing the humility required to serve the people. “How you teach matters” is his motto. He believes that every subject can be made interesting. As a chemistry faculty, he considers chemistry to be an exceptional subject rather than a subject of exception. With his fun logic, concise and clear way of teaching, he makes his subject enjoyable for all. He has worked as chemistry faculty in FIITJEE and held the post of Director in Partha Educational Institutions for 10 years. In 2021 Nikhil’s School of Science was established by him. Nikhil Sir has observed the education system for the past 22 years and knows how to guide his mentees through this challenging preparatory phase. Along with teaching them the science of chemistry, he teaches them the science of life. He wants to ensure that his students get all that he was not able to receive through his valuable mentorship and priceless friendship. He aims to serve his students with utmost honesty.​ Through Nikhil’s School of Science, he is revolutionizing the outlook of students and making them enjoy the beauty of the process rather than focusing on results. He and his team is determined to create history and produce scholars with such high characters that the world has rarely seen before.

JEE and NEET coaching in Kolkata
Nikhil's School of Science

Nikhil Sir, the founder and director of Nikhil School of science
Mr. N. Nikhil
Founder & Director


It is the responsibility of a teacher and an institution to provide the best education with utmost care to make future engineers, doctors and research scholars with high character who can shape our society and nation in a better way.

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